The Highly Anticipated Playback Movie Trivia DVD game is

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Challenge yourself, friends and family members to a game of PlayBack DVD Trivia Movie.

PlayBack Movie Edition offers interactive DVD Trivia powered by PuzzleVision Trivia Technology.

No scorecards, markers, boards, or game pieces needed. PlayBack Trivia is true DVD entertainment that needs only your DVD remote to enjoy.

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Top Ten Educational Software Packages, Master Teacher 2005

Rated 4.3 stars out of 5 by the Children’s Software Review.

Nominated for the 2004 Notable Computer Software for Children Award from The American Library Association.

“The American Presidents DVD Trivia Game” is the first of its kind DVD powered by the PuzzleVision engine. Have fun listening to clues as the pieces fly into place.

Choose the correct multiple choice answer and you’re a winner.
Includes bios of all the Presidents.

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3H Entertainment has just released the complete set (all 12 Chapters) of the film classic “Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe” starring Buster Crabbe on one dual layered DVD.

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